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Knowledge that stretches back decades and evolves daily.

Quaich’s Knowledge Library is our main source of pride. We strive to be the “go to” consultancy for the best ideas. It’s not only our decades of immersion in the human potential movement or work at the most senior levels of British establishment and multinational business that gives us the edge, it is the fact that we meet monthly to examine the material and contrast it against our clients’ needs and the most up-to-date leadership thinking. Currently we are interested in Y-generation engagement, second tier consciousness and relational resilience. 

Our knowledge library is alive.


About our Library

Quaich has evolved out of two leadership consultancies, Cantle and Neish. Although the focus is different, Quaich retains the same driver that created success in the previous companies: 

the ideas.

A combination of developmental psychology, chaos theory, phenomenology, constellations and living systems have set these consultancies apart.  In addition, taking the human potential movement: EST, transactional analysis, gestalt, NLP, and bioenergetics and making it accessible to the executive world has created transformational leadership events that stay with people for years. 

The Knowledge Library has provided a rich seam of behavioural theory that has been used in leadership development by many world class organisations. With the writer’s permission companies such as Heineken, FMC and Very.Co have re-designed the material into their own company’s brand and launched successful in-house culture change programmes.  

The material is spread over four open programmes: Logos, Cathexis, Integrale and Personae. On these events, we experiment with new ways of telling the stories and innovative exercises to get the learning deep into the muscle.  They are open to any leader.    

As time goes on, we intend to populate this page with more and more content.  For now, we want to offer you some insight into two particularly important theories popularised by gestalt, EST and TA.  They are Agreements and Rackets.