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Team development

Teams are intriguing. They pose so many questions. First of all, is it really a team or a set of professionals who happen to have the same reporting line? If it is a team, then what kind of team is it? Do they make things, run things or provide a service and how does that inform how they need to behave?

Then there are the team members. Why have people joined? It might appear on the surface that it is about fulfilling a function for the business, but is it that for the individuals? Do they need to belong, stand out, survive, be challenged or get identity from the group?

Judith DeLozier says that an ounce of framing is worth a pound of reframing. From the start, we need to understand what teams are attempting to do and why the members show up each day. Quaich has years of experience exploring these questions with a huge spectrum of teams.

Interventions usually begin with 1:1 interviews with all the people involved, finding out what they think of the team. This results in a team event being designed and run at a venue of the clients choice. Events usually last up to three days, and upon their conclusion people are able to understand each other better and find safer ways of having difficult conversations. This allows the team to agree its contribution to the business and improve its performance.

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Intervention Summary:

  • 2 hour coaching session for the leader
  • 1:1 sessions with each team member at the office (or by telephone)
  • 2–3 day facilitated event
  • 1:1 sessions to follow up with the team at the office
  • 2 hour coaching session for the leader

'Quaich has had a really positive impact on the development of my senior management team – both in terms of helping us work together as a high-performance team but also giving valuable 1:1 feedback & coaching on individual development needs. I strongly recommend Quaich to anyone looking to step-change the performance of their teams'

— Ajay Kavan

 Vice President Grocery & Consumables – Amazon

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