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Leadership training

Periodically, businesses need to challenge the culture and strengthen the leadership values of their organisations.

In-house training programmes are a significant part of this activity. Leaders who have been with a company for many years can become cynical of another round of external consultants oversimplifying their work and proffering trite models. For in-house training programmes to work, leaders need to be able to engage with the material free of cynicism and be challenged, informed and inspired in equal measure. Only the most cutting edge and relevant models, taught with integrity and business insight will achieve this.

Quaich offers intelligent analysis, innovative design and inspirational delivery of in-house training for leaders.

Currently, we are being asked to create programmes for multinational clients using bioenergetics, integral theory, constellations, chaos theory, gestalt, TA, NLP and existential psychology. Presented in the right way, these theories can provide excellent containers for culture change and outstanding leadership performance.

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Typical Intervention:

  • Programmes are built collaboratively, and managed through the HR function
  • Needs and aspirations are established through consulting with the leadership team
  • We design and build 2-3 day interventions drawing on our knowledge base
  • The programme is rolled out under the business brand and usually off-site
  • Ongoing programme feedback and evaluation garners insight for improvement and evolution
  • Often 1 to 1 coaching results for identified Leaders

' ...unique, profound and far superior to any other (leadership development) experience.'

— Brian Mumme

President – NWS ALNG at BP

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