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At the heart of Quaich is our obsession to understand and improve relationships.  The core unit of culture in an organisation is the team.  By identifying the forces of cohesion that hold a group together, revealing the dynamics between individuals and examining the relationship between the team and the culture of the organisation, we can dramatically improve performance. 

Integrale will help leaders understand the value, impact and resilience of the relationships within their teams and how those things affect the performance and delivery of the function.  Using work by Bert Hellinger (constellations), George Kelly (repertory grid) and tools such as formal and informal power, integral theory (spiral dynamics) and forces of cohesion, this programme will leave delegates with an experiential knowledge of previously hidden team dynamics.

This programme is in the process of being designed and tested and will be ready for delegates in the autumn of 2019. 

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Logos is a rich, experiential programme designed to help people communicate more powerfully as leaders. Delegates will learn how to engage effectively with their organisations, understand themselves at a deeper level, grow in confidence at conducting high-impact conversations and create performance improvements back at work.

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This programme exposes delegates to new coaching techniques and provides insights into the layered landscape of the human psyche. It takes each person on their own journey, familiarising them with three levels of awareness as they explore their issues. This results in more meaningful coaching interventions. Attendees begin to recognise at which level their clients are experiencing a challenge. This allows them to apply the right coaching technique for the right level of thinking.

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Character and Relationships

Every few years, we offer a programme, at a fraction of our usual price, to reach more people and enjoy the theatre and relationship opportunities of a large event.  Last time it was Leadership and NLP.   

This time, by popular demand, we are bringing you a rich two day event on Character and Relationships.  We are lifting the lid on our most up to date thinking on Bioenergetics and Personality.  

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