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Quaich consultants have a unique model for coaching, which has developed over decades of practice and psychological insight. It provides an engaging developmental experience for the client; they will feel supported and provoked, catalysing greater insight and generating a broader range of available responses.

Leadership is about communication; having the conversations that others avoid. Creating the space for these conversations, requires relational skills. A leader’s ability to affect the space between themselves and others with emotional resilience and psychological safety, determines their effectiveness at having the important conversations.

Our coaches are skilled and knowledgeable about the six main conversations that leaders need to have: Engagement, Direction, Progress, Meaning, Assessment and Disclosure. Through moving between these subjects, providing insight and support to face into them, helping to design the actual conversations and exploring the experiential learning once the conversations have been had, leaders grow measurably in their ability to influence.

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'There is skill and wisdom at Quaich. My senior leaders and I are more self-aware as a result of their coaching. We have increased leadership capability, especially in communicating and developing our teams.'

— Vivienne Cox

Chairman – Climate Change Capital

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