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Leadership Development Consultancy

For decades, Neish and Cantle have surprised executives around the world by how far their teams can be developed using experiential psychology.  Childhood roots of character, shadow work, somatic awareness, emotional intelligence and constellations felt a step too far for many leaders until it was sensitively taught and safely practiced by the people who bring you Quaich. 

Bring us in

This deep psychological coaching and training has proved to be important work, not only for the cultural health of organisations but for the productivity and financial growth of clients in every sector. 

Behavioural coaching and training have proved to be important work, not only for the cultural health of organisations but for the productivity and financial growth of businesses in every sector.   Add to that, the years of commercial experience and executives now have a potent resource for improving organisational performance.  

The tools have sharpened.  Years of work with BP, RBS, EMI, M&S and Sainsbury’s, among others, have refined the models and honed the interventions.  With humour, expediency and impact, Quaich consultants are uniquely equipped to prepare leaders for the future. 

This work is no longer a “nice to have.”  It is essential.  There is a storm coming.  Artificial intelligence, digital complexity, increased global integration, new levels of consciousness, Y and Z Gen work/life rhythms, higher expectations of human sensitivity and evolving moral standards are amongst the first waves.  None of us know what the waves after that will bring.  We do know that a focus on P&L, the odd team build and an employee assistance programme won’t cut it.   Leaders need a new level of consciousness.

Although the disciplines are the same: coaching, leadership development and team dynamics, the focus of the work has shifted.  To achieve the consciousness and quality of dialogue needed for today’s challenges, we have placed our attention on the space between leaders.   For Quaich, the obsession is relationship.  What is the psychological container required to create conversations that change performance?  What value can be extracted from a relationship in terms of creativity, shared consciousness, triangulated perception, drive, energy and systemic intuition?

As irritating as the X-gens might find the Snap Chat generation, it is the millennials who have been preparing themselves for the deluge.  Their dispersed and diverse social circles, contingent on technology and being “clued in” is exactly the thinking, we will need to embrace the opportunities of the next five years.  Quaich is a consultancy by and for the new leaders who will guide us through the end of the digital age and into the age beyond (Participation, Experience, Maker, Collaboration age?).  We have insight into the psychology they will need and we have an inkling about where to look for the capabilities that no one can articulate yet.  

The consultants at Quaich would love to talk to you about what we are thinking.  It’s our passion.  We can have a coffee with you to share thinking and we can intervene in your organisation. We have expertise and new tools for coaching your managers, building your executive teams and training your leaders.   We are here to keep relationships productive, healthy and fit for a new level of thinking. 

Bring us in. 

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